Meghan & Dana

Meghan & Dana
During my lightning-fast labor, my wife and I didn’t have time to think. We were 2 weeks early and Shelia was my first call when my water broke! Shelia met us at the hospital and really smoothed the process along from the beginning. I had my eyes shut tight through the entire birth, but I could tell her if I was in pain and she would help resolve it. She had the magic touch to ease my back pain and was able to keep my wife calm, both of which allowed me to stay focused on the baby!

As an added bonus, she took amazing photos of the first moments of life with our daughter which are a stunning reminder of that first magic hour. She wrote a lovely birth story, pulling all of the little details together so we can share them with our baby when she grows up – she noted small details we didn’t notice in the moment, for which we are so grateful. She was both a witness and an active partner in the labor and delivery. She helped the whole hospital-process feel like a personal journey and celebrated our child’s birth with us in a way that was both familial and respectful.

Her wealth of knowledge is apparent and she has been very helpful with our questions about everything from nursing to helping our newborn with gas, to carseat questions, to providing reassurance and preventative tips when I got mastitis.

We are so lucky to have found Shelia! I’m not sure how we would have gotten through everything without her!

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