We loved having Shelia as our doula. As first-time parents there were a lot of unknowns and information overload online. We went back and forth on whether to have a doula present; however, after meeting with Shelia we were confident we wanted her to be part of our birth experience. She met with us several times before the birth and we talked about what was currently going on, as well as what to expect as the due date got closer. She really got to know us and figured out the kind of support that would be the most effective.

When the big day happened she provided invaluable support. My husband really appreciated having someone experienced and knowledgeable on-hand before we headed to the birth center. Her presence led us both to be less stressed and not worry about what was happening next. She was able to read my body language and knew what I needed without me having to say much. Shelia ensured that I was relaxed and breathing through contractions and that I was fully supported through pushing. She had the keen ability to evaluate the situation and provide more or less support as needed. Somehow throughout it all she was able to take amazing birth photos that beautifully documented the whole experience. The photos with the birth story perfectly captured the event and we cannot wait to share them with our daughter.

Finally, her postpartum visits really helped us ease into life with a newborn. She had a great answer and resource for every question that came up.

We highly recommend Shelia for anyone considering a doula. Her experience, personality, and knowledge were a perfect fit for us. Throughout the entire pregnancy and through birth we felt fully supported and encouraged. Thank you, Shelia!

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