As a trained labor support doula I assist laboring people in their pursuit of a safe and memorable birth experience. Every pregnant person, baby and birth are unique, and my work involves respecting and encouraging my client’s natural rhythms and needs.  I provide physical and emotional support, suggestions for comfort measures and positioning, which may assist in the progress of labor, and a nurturing presence. It is my goal to affirm your strength and to show up with ideas, tools, and a willingness to go with the flow and let labor unfold.

I offer a free consultation in person to discuss my services and to decide if we’d like to work together.  If you are birthing at one of the area’s Swedish Hospitals, I would love to serve you through their Swedish Doula Program.

My birth doula services include:

  • Two prenatal meetings
  • Continuous presence during your labor and birth plus 1-3 hours postpartum
  • One to two postpartum visits with breastfeeding support
  • 24 hour support by phone and email from the time you hire me
  • A birth story written for you based on my notes from your birth
  • Availability of a back up doula
  • Photos of your birth, if desired
  • Compassionate, nurturing, attentive support for birthing person and partner. 

Fee: The price for my birth doula services is $1600 -$2000.  Please contact me for a quote for your specific due date and situation. 

For Clients outside of the Swedish Hospital Doula Program, Please contact me via email for a copy of my Doula Chick Contract 

Once services are retained, I am available by phone and email for pre-labor questions or discussions, and am always on call up until the birth of your baby.

When labor begins and you request my presence, you may expect me to arrive in about an hour.  My support and presence will be continuous throughout active labor and birth.  While attending your birth, I use my own individual strengths, experience and skills to make suggestions for position changes, movement, and breathing in the interest of comfort and the progression of labor. I can help you gather information about the course of your labor and your options. Perhaps most importantly, I provide emotional reassurance and comfort.  I can help out with whatever needs arise, and can even photograph your labor and birth if you would like that.

It is often reassuring to the birth partner or family members to rely on a doula’s calm and objective presence during times when the birthing parent may be experiencing discomfort and displaying emotional stress. I model comforting techniques and offer reassurance, which can help the partner to relax, feel less pressured, and freely join in the efforts of physical and emotional comforting.

My services are concluded with one or two postpartum visits to your home.  During these visits I offer  breastfeeding support, answer any questions that you may have, and admire your baby.  We also have the opportunity to walk through your birth story and to address postpartum issues.  While technically this ends our professional doula/client relationship, I welcome phone calls, notes, and updated photos of your baby and family.

Some of the services that are outside my scope of practice as a doula are speaking to your caregiver or medical staff on your behalf, prescribing any medical treatments, making decisions for you, or guaranteeing any particular outcome. I specialize in non-medical skills and do not perform clinical tasks, such as vaginal examinations, fetal monitoring, blood pressure, or diagnosing conditions in either the pregnant person or the baby.

Financial Assistance: Since I believe everyone who wants a doula should have one, I try to offer reduced cost doula services as I am able for single parents or for those who are struggling financially.  Call and see if I have availability for the month that you are due, or I can connect you with helpful resources in our area.