The birth of our first child went exceedingly well and I would credit that 90% to Shelia. She was knowledgable and confident from the first meeting. Every question about labor and birth, she could walk us through or direct us to sources who could. Our interview and 2 pre-birth meetings probably did the most to reassure me that the birth would go well, even if not exactly as planned.

Shelia was at our house within an hour of a phone call when I realized I was in labor. She gently offered coping strategies and positions. She was respectful of me saying, “No, this isn’t working” and immediately had another idea to try when I was open to it. During much of the active labor, Shelia was the face and voice I fixated on. My husband said later it was a relief to have her there when he reached the end of his knowledge and didn’t know how to support me through the pushing. 

When things got a bit hairy and the ob recommended a vacuum, I felt like I had messed up somehow. But again Shelia was there, walking us through it, giving us confidence in our decision to go with it. The vacuum helped move my son down the canal and I ended up finishing with a natural birth and a beautiful healthy son.

She has visited us since the birth to be there as we processed the labor and birth events. It was neat to have her perspective as well.

I don’t what we would have done without Shelia. If we decide to have a second child, she will be my first call.

Posted 1/3/2019

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