Mel & Jesse

Mel & Jesse

I absolutely loved my birth experience and it’s in large part because we hired Shelia as our doula. Here are some reasons we would absolutely hire her again and recommend her to anyone:

Compassionate support: her calm, supportive presence was just what I needed to work through my intense contractions. She helped me focus, stay grounded, try different positions, and applied the right pressure/physical touch so my husband could provide emotional support. Her support allowed my husband and I to stay connected throughout the birth. It was beautiful. I have no idea how women give birth without a Doula, especially with one as amazing as Shelia. 

She empowered us and helped us understand what we wanted: Instead of telling us what she thought we should do, she armed us with the information we needed to make informed decisions & have the kind of birth that we wanted. 

Continued advocacy: She helped us make sense of the things that we didn’t know any better about given it was our first labor. She helped me understand that my epidural was too strong and so we were able to lessen it, which allowed me to have more effective pushing & feel my daughter come out, all without pain. When we were all trying to sleep after I got my epidural, whenever a nurse or doctor entered the room, she was up and at attention, ready to translate the medical talk into language I could understand. She also helped me understand that I could ask for an anesthesiologist not a resident to place the epidural, and that I could request fewer people in the room while I pushed— both of which made my experience much more comfortable. 

Incredible photos: The photos she took during the birth bring tears to my eyes every time I see them. It’s like we had a professional photo shoot.

Post birth support: we appreciated that Shelia came to our house post birth and was available for phone calls too.

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